Who We Are

British Unity (2)British Unity is a growing team of experienced nationalist publicists and militants. British Unity is led by Nick Griffin, a nationalist activist since 1974, leader of the British National Party from 1999 to 2014 and the most outspoken Member of the European Parliament (2009-2014). He is the most successful and experienced nationalist leader in British political history and still has much more to give our Cause.

British Unity has no formal governing structure, referring the quick response times of consensus between the team of individuals doing the work to rule by an arthritic committee. In an era of ever-growing repression, police state infiltration and Islamist violence, we prefer to protect the identities of most of our militants and to keep our decision-making and internal affairs to ourselves.

Nick GriffinBritish Unity does not collaborate with the Mainstream Media. Everything we want to say is said via Social Media outlets under our control so that people can judge us for what we are, rather than what the anti-white, anti-human presstitutes say we are. Selected members of our leadership team may do live interviews in response to specific news events, but in general we have nothing to say to the professional liars of the Controlled Media.

British Unity welcomes new volunteers. We pay nothing – except the coin of comradeship and the salary of satisfaction at doing your duty. We offer nothing – except the vehicle through which to place your talents at the service of your people and your nation. We give nothing – except the chance to belong and to make a real difference.

So get involved RIGHT NOW!

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